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HTMLEDIT IS A DELPHI software component. Application developers use
HTMLEdit in their applications for �WYSIWYG� editing of HTML
documents. WYSIWYG means that application users do not have to know
how to create HTML files; instead they create documents in the way
they would in a word processor. Support for stylesheets, custom tags
and SmartTags allow application developers to create rich user
With its support for cascading style sheets (CSS), HTMLEdit gives
application developers full control over how much flexibility they
want users to have when editing documents.
HTMLEdit offers a feature called �custom tags�. This feature
enables application developers to enrich documents semantically by
extending them with custom �logical entities�. Some application
developers store documents and images in databases and want their
documents to contain database images and hyperlinks to other database
documents. Other developers might want to include snippets of source
code or Outlook contacts in their documents. Custom tags are a way to
embed these kinds of logical entities as well as any other kind of
entity a developer can come up with.