Download key generator for Lynda com Animation Tips and Tricks with Flash Professional-QUASAR

In Animation Tips and Tricks with Flash Professional author Dermot
O’ Connor introduces a variety of real-world issues that animators
commonly encounter and practical solutions to them in Flash. The
course covers how to apply gradients to create subtle texture and
light characters, reducing the flat look of most cartoons; how to
simulate natural phenomenon such as wind, fire, and clouds; how to
mimic 3D space; and how to add fades and transitions to create custom
cuts between scenes. The course also includes a look at staggers,
which can be used to create camera shake, tremor effects, and extreme
character reactions. Exercise files are included with the course.
* Overlapping and animating colors
* Creating lens flares
* Animating hair with shape tweens
* Animating an explosion
* Animating smoke with particles
* Animating a scream
* Using Virtual Cam
* Lighting a 3D shot
* Animating cross dissolves