Download key generator for Aurora 3D Text and Logo Maker 11.08121129

You can choose a variety of bevel and alignment, lighting can be
adjusted, the shape can be interchangeable, very flexible. Can import
the font shapes, and you can import SVG, and converted into
three-dimensional shapes.
You can export the png, tiff, jpg, bmp format. 3D design software
for many ordinary people may be unfamiliar, whenever we want to
promote our image,web page or display text or graphics to add 3D
effect, the mind may emerge 3Dmax complex or tedious Photoshop
software operation Skills.
� Reflection, reflection, mixing, deformation texture, and other
operations, metal, glass, plastic and other texture effects, so that
your work will never lose a powerful 3D software;
� Hand shape, svg graphics and fonts graphic import, and import
pictures and external model, the flexibility to use the software to
easily respond to your various design needs.
� the software specially designed for the advanced operator,
making the text and the shape of the move, rotate, zoom, change the
size is very convenient, all without using the value of the window,
everything seems intuitive, creative.
� unlimited undo, making various attempts to become don’t worry
� front and side color, material, texture of shape and text can be
adjusted. Software contains dozens of texture library to choose from,
coupled with the unique texture reflection, mirror, transparent
effects, makes it easy to create metal, glass and other special
� texture support zoom, move, rotate, etc. deformation, increase
the flexibility of texture. In addition, we can easily create animated
textures, the texture was more realistic.
� dozens of ways to free choice of bevels, bevel height can be
freely adjusted to meet the needs of different shapes.
� the software provides three adjustable lighting modes