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Genre: Strategy / Tactical
Take command and win the war that divided a world
World at War: A World Divided brings you back to the dawn of the
greatest and most terrible war the world has ever seen. The forces of
the Axis, including Germany, Japan and Italy, face the might of
France, Great Britain, The United States, China and the Soviet Union
in the epic struggle of World War II. The course of war is determined
by your actions as the leader of one or more major factions, opposed
by human or computer players. A World Divided takes this conflict one
step further, with a future what-if scenario that occurs right at the
end of the war. This new scenario of an early Cold War truned Hot
allows players to go continuously from the end of World War II into a
new conflict, with the Soviet Union's land army powerhouse and
consolidated position against the Western Allies.
Immerse yourself in World at War: A World Divided for the PC. In
World at War: A World Divided,the events of the war unfold around you
through newsreel reports covering both historical and a variable set
of historic events that will be unveiled depending on how the war is
A World Divided covers land, sea and air power as well as diplomacy
and economy. It also features spies and signal intelligence, which are
capable of stealing technology and other information on the enemy.
Shortages in industry, resources or manpower can play havoc with your
plans. Deal with the challenges that the great statesmen and generals
of this time faced. A World Divided has new rules for bombardment
combat and suppresion, combined arms attacks and even rules for the
Japanese Kamikaze Units. Your units will also gain experiance
advancing from basic units to battle hardened vererans to Elite unit
status. Take command and win the war that divided a world in World at
War: A World Divided!
Game Features:
Three full-length campaign games from 1939 to 1945+, including the
option to transition to a Western Allies vs. Soviet Union scenario.
- Five shorter scenarios
- Command fifteen different combat units
- Challenging AI
- Rules for bombardment combat and suppression, combined arms
attacks, Japanese Kamikaze units and much more.
- Unit advancement of Veteran and Elite unit Status.
- Victory conditions that include strategic victory points for key
territories. Axis high-water mark impacts victory levels even in games
in which the Axix countries ultimately surrender.
- ... and many more!