Download key generator for Live For Speed S2 Alpha

In this pack are: the latest version of the game Live For Speed
skin in it... good stuff for skin makers) and Formula BMW video HI-RES
(it is video from developers... Scawen (the one of developers) drove
real Formula BMW and then he created this formula in Live For Speed
with very realistic physics...).
Never heard of LFS (Live For Speed)? What is it?
It's online racing simulator. Very, but really very realistic
simulator. On the simulator work only 3 persons... LFS Developers:
Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey, Victor van Vlaardingen.
Just try it.. It's amazing. You can set up so many things on the
car. Right now, I think this is the most realistic game in the world.
Just try it .
Did you hear about drift? Do you like to drift? LFS is online racing
simulator, but you can also drift there... There is a few cars which
are very good able to drift.