Download key generator for 1Password 3.7.2

1Password fully supports most web browsers, including Safari,
OmniWeb, DEVONagent, Firefox, Flock, Fluid, and NetNewsWire. All
browser extensions share the data stored in the keychain which means
you never need to manually copy your passwords between browsers or
from the password manager to a browser ever again!
1Password has received numerous awards, including 4.5 mice from
Macworld magazine, MacLife Editors pick, and was the Pick of Week on
MacBreak Weekly by both Leo Laporte and Merlin Mann.
1Password also has a companion iPhone/iPod touch application
available in iTunes App Store.
Version 3.7.2:
• Improved reliability of communication between Safari and the
• Avoid Autosave on These Domains preference now updates
automatically after clicking Never For This Site in Safari extension.
• Updated Diagnostics Report to better report issues with Safari's
Extensions.plist and fixed false report about Safari's Private
Browsing mode.
• Help links now redirect to the online User Guide instead of the
(potentially old) version packaged within 1Password.
• Reduced 1Password application size by removing documentation
files that could be served from website.
• Removed "Prompt for name to assign newly created Login" and
"Automatically include username in Login title" Preferences as they
are no longer being supported going forward.
• Default Check For Updates frequency is now once every week (was
once a month).
• Changed Automatic Update delay on start up to check immediately
if betas are enabled. Also reducing delay for non-beta users in an
attempt to prevent them from quitting 1Password before the update is
• Fixed rare crash that could happen in 1PasswordAgent.
• Go & Fill from main 1Password application now works in Safari
5.1 on Snow Leopard.
• Intel
• Mac OS X 10.6 or later
• Most major browsers supported