Download key generator for Scarbee R S P 73 Exs24 MKII Halion-AI

To start with, all samples are full length and unlooped. Each of the
73 keys of the Mark 1 was sampled at 12 different velocities - ranging
from 0 to -26 dB - but this is only half the story. In order to
capture that magical feel of really 'playing' a Rhodes?, we also
recorded 'release' samples for each of the 12 velocities, at the exact
same level as the corresponding 12 sustain samples. The release tone -
a sound created when a damper bounces against the tine as a key is
released, is an intrinsic element of what musicians recognize as the
original 'Rhodes? Sound'.
To accommodate systems with RAM limitations, several 'Lite' versions
of the R.S.P. '73 are included. Lite versions contain the samples of
the white keys, which are stretched down a semitone to cover adjacent
black keys. Lite versions come in 12, 8 and 4 velocity layer flavours.
For that duller 'old school' sound, a special Hi-cut version of each
program (Giga version only) is also included.
In response to a number of requests, all programs are available in
both Equal and Stretch tunings
Why sampling in preference to a physical modeling approach?
Physical modeling is a great synthesis option which allows us to
break down and explore the nature of a sound, but it relies very
heavily on the software engineer's ability to fathom the unique
elements which combine to create that sound, to analyze and measure
them, to write code which can accurately recreate them, and to find a
hardware platform capable of delivering enough DSP muscle to realize
the software in high resolution. This process requires that many
subtle, and some not so subtle, choices be made by the engineering
team. As a result, the end product is often the combination of a few
individuals' opinions, a programming team's expertise in coding, and
the processing abilities of the host platforms available at the time
the software is designed. It's a bit like computer animated characters
in movies. Although they are generated by extremely sophisticated
software and hardware, and can, say, morph from a person to a
grapefruit and back in seconds, they're still just "pretty close" when
it comes to delivering a credible alternative to a real actor. The
Scarbee R.S.P. '73 is more like film of a human actor in comparison.
Perhaps not able to morph into a grapefruit, but totally believable in
its main role as a "real actor".
Unlike a modelled instrument, the Scarbee R.S.P. '73 is not a
software engineer's approximation of the elements which combine to
create a Rhodes?-like sound. The Scarbee R.S.P. '73 is a high
definition mirror image of an actual Stage Piano MK 1 - '73 piano.
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