Download key generator for MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio Mac Win 11.5

Net Render
11.5 Update
Advanced Render
Architecture Extension Kit
Broadcast Extension Kit
Engineering Extension Kit
Sketch & Toon
Thinking Particles
- French language updater
- French help installer
- Italian language installer
- Italian help installer
- Japanese language updater
- Japanese help installer
- Korean language updater
- Korean help installer
- Russian help installer
- Spanish help installer
And a text file containing the magic numbers. :)
English and German are included in the basic installation. All the
extras are archived in separate files in case you don't want
everything, in ISO and Zip format so Windows users can have it too.
Easy to Use, Professional 3D Animation Software
The next generation, representing two decades of excellence.
The eleventh generation of CINEMA 4D is another milestone in the
development of professional 3D software and a testament to two decades
of excellence by MAXON's programming team. Professional 3D animation
tools have never been easier to use.
The Easiest-to-Use 3D Application
CINEMA 4D's intuitive interface and logical workflow make it
possible for those new to 3D artistry to dive in and be productive
quickly. Feedback is smooth and interactive so you can let your
creativity run free.
3D Painting
MAXON's CINEMA 4D Offers the ultimate control over your textures
with complete layers, filters and tablet support - all optimized for
working in 3D.
With CINEMA 4D you can paint on up to ten channels with a single
stroke. A brush can define an entire material rather than a single
color. In addition, CINEMA 4D's exclusive RayBrush technology lets you
view the results of your painting realtime in a rendered image.
CINEMA 4D's Projection Painting tool makes distortion-free painting
a snap. This quick and easy tool lets you paint across UV seams or
even multiple objects in a scene. Even the most complex UV coordinates
can be tamed with the help of a complete suite of UV editing tools.
CINEMA 4D includes three automatic UV unwrapping algorithms, including
the new Optimal Cubic Mapping system.
Raybrush Technology
CINEMA 4D's RayBrush technology allows you to paint directly onto a
raytraced image. RayBrush eliminates the need to continually switch
applications or perform test renders. You can see the actual rendered
effect while painting in any channel, including reflection,
transparency and bump. You can even paint on multiple textures at once
within RayBrush mode. With CINEMA 4D you can paint an entire material
with a single stroke.
Each brush can paint up to ten channels simultaneously, so a single
stroke of the brush can affect color, bump, specularity, reflection,
transparency and other properties. There's no need to match the
various channels in your 3D application.
All of your favorite painting tools are available in CINEMA 4D,
including Clone, Smear, Sponge, Dodge and Burn tools. The standard
Brush tool includes pressure, hardness, size, bitmap, distortion,
rotation, jitter and other parameters for hundreds of painting
possibilities. The effect of any parameter can be controlled by the
pressure, tilt, direction or finger wheel of your graphics tablet.
Over 200 presets are provided with CINEMA 4D, representing a variety
of natural media and special effects.
With CINEMA 4D you can paint in the 2D view, in the shaded 3D view
or in the raytraced 3D view. Changes that you make in the 3D view are
applied to the 2D view in real-time and vice-versa.
You can open and edit multiple 3D views at the same time. This
enables you to switch between views quickly - there is no need to
adjust camera settings. For example, you can use separate views for
important areas and areas that are difficult to reach.
Let There be Light
Lighting is perhaps the most important aspect of any 3D render. Just
like a poorly lit photograph, a 3D scene without proper lighting will
fail to meet the expectations of clients and colleagues. MAXON CINEMA
4D offers a complete array of gaffer's tools so you can make your
scene outshine the competition.
Minimum system requirements:
Mac OS
- Mac OS X Tiger {10.4.11}, Leopard {10.5.3+} or Snow Leopard
- 1 GiB RAM
- G5 or Intel processor
- OpenGL-capable graphics card (all Macs are equipped with one)
- Monitor resolution of 1024x768 pixels with 24-bit colour depth
- 1 GB of free hard drive space (not including documentation)
- 2003 Server, XP, 2008 Server, Vista or Seven
- Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Seven operating systems
- 1 GiB RAM
- Pentium 4, Athlon 64, Sempron (K8 with SSE2) or VIA C7
- OpenGL-capable graphics card
- Monitor resolution of 1024x768 pixels with 24-bit colour depth
- 1 GB of free hard drive space (not including documentation)
Tested on a Mac Pro with Leopard {10.5.8}. Virus-free and fully
functional, as far as I can tell. Maxon are not exaggerating in their
advertizing. They at least doubled the render speed compared to 11.0.
Shadow maps use all available cores now, not only one, and generate at
least 10x faster! If you like this and use it for commercial work, buy
it. It's worth every penny.