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SpeedTree is a powerful toolkit used to create 3D vegetation for
games, films, and animations.
SpeedTree Modeler
This is where it all starts. The Modeler covers all aspects of
modeling including procedural and hand drawing methods, wind, LOD,
lighting, physics, and more. It even does world building for large
scale tree placement!
SpeedTree Modeler Features
* Hand drawing. Draw branch structures directly in the viewport
using a tablet device or the mouse.
* Break a branch, then cap it realistically – or delete individual
branches & leaves entirely.
* Use forces to curl, twist, gnarl, push or pull any tree part.
* Grow around props. Make trees grow around or inside arbitrary
meshes from your world.
* Scale resolution. Quickly scale the amount of polygonal detail
without affecting the shape of your model.
* Preview dynamics. Test real-time physics interaction, wind, and
LOD all in the Modeler.
* Edit individual tree parts without affecting the rest of the tree.
Our node-editing approach lets you tune or delete any branch, frond,
or leaf.
* World building with tree placement export directly from the
* Weld branches. No more lighting seams or branch intersections.
SpeedTree Compiler
This light-weight app gets trees primed for real-time rendering. Use
the Compiler to combine efficient real-time tree models, texture
atlases, and 360� normal-mapped billboards in no time.
SpeedTree Compiler Features
* Compiler Wizard. SpeedTree Compiler has a wizard mode that quickly
gets your trees real-time ready, with simpler options.
* Efficient binary file format. The Compiler intelligently computes
and renders not only billboards and texture maps, but also efficient
binary tree models.
* Perfect billboards. Distant trees that transition into billboards
match their 3D counterparts to a ‘T’ – even under dynamic
lighting. The Compiler outputs all the texture layers needed to pull
it off.
* Combine trees with texture atlases. Reduce the number of texture
look-ups by combining textures from multiple trees into a shared set
of atlases. Rotate and scale individual textures to ensure a compact
Export Meshes
Bypass our rendering code, or export high-detail trees for use in
the modeling package of your choice.
We export to popular formats such as FBX and OBJ, and include wind
animation and skinned skeletons.
SpeedTree SDK
This set of C++ classes conquers all of the tasks associated with
high performance tree rendering, all in a way that is easy to