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IDV released SpeedTree v5.0 in July 2009. v5.0 represents a "complete
re-engineering" of the software, according to an IDV announcement in
March 2009, and features a new set of components: SpeedTree Modeler
(replacing SpeedTreeCAD) and SpeedTreeSDK (replacing SpeedTreeRT), as
well as SpeedTree Compiler, which prepares SpeedTree files for
real-time rendering.
SpeedTree SDK is a software development kit written in C++ whose
source code is available to licensees. It is intended to be fitted
into a larger graphical engine, with the SpeedTree software handling
the rendering of trees and foliage alone and the specific product's
engine incorporating these into the larger environment.
SpeedTree Modeler is a Windows-based specialized modeling tool
created specifically for creating and editing foliage. SpeedTree
Modeler permits specification of such variables as branch length,
branching angles, bark texture and gravitational influence, and then
generates a tree from that information in a variety of static mesh or
real-time formats. Trees created in SpeedTree Modeler can be more or
less detailed, and consequently can be used for either real-time or
prerendered display.
IDV no longer actively markets SpeedTreeMAX and SpeedTreeMAYA,
plug-ins for the popular 3D Studio Max and Maya modeling programs.
SpeedTree Cinema was launched by IDV in July 2009. This version of
the software is based on the new modeling features of SpeedTree 5.0
and is meant for use in movies and other animations.