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After climbing a skyscraper in Savannah to achieve rescue, the
survivors find themselves abandoned by helicopters, and make their way
to the local mall after hearing word of a second evacuation point
there (”Dead Center”). The mall proves to be overrun, and the four
use a stock car to bust out of the mall and travel towards New
Orleans. Finding the highway completely blocked by wrecked vehicles,
the four are forced to travel through a still-operating amusement
park, and start a huge fireworks-and-lights show in order to attract
the attention of a helicopter pilot (”Dark Carnival”).
- The next generation of cooperative action games from the creators
of Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress and Counter-Strike.
- Over 20 new weapons and items, including more than 10 types of
assault weapons - axes, saws, frying pans, baseball bat - is finally
time to get acquainted with the Zombies closer!
- New survivors. New History. New dialogs.
- Five of extensive campaigns for the three game modes: Cooperative,
Versus and the game of survival.
- Brand new multiplayer mode.
- "Unusual" normal living. Each of the five new campaigns includes
at least one "extraordinary ordinary" zombies, exclusive only for her.
- "Director� (AI Director) 2.0: Advanced technology makes gameplay
unique L4D, adjusting the number of enemies, effects, music under the
player's behavior. Now add to this the possibility to change the level
design, the location of different objects, weather and lighting,
corresponding to different time of day ..
DLC �The Passing� released April 22, 2010.
DLC adds a new campaign, "Go," a new game mode "Mutations" (this is
changing every two weeks, new modes of marathons), new weapons
(machine gun M60 and a golf club), the new Special Infected Normal -
Fallen Survivor (who was cut earlier model) , witch dressed as a
bride, a new song on the jukebox and the 10 new achievements.
DLC �The Sacrifice� was released October 5, 2010
goda.DLC added a new, consisting of three chapters, the campaign of
"Sacrifice", which tells the story of what happened to the survivors
of Left 4 Dead, shortly before the events of the campaign "Go." Also
in the game have been added 5 new achievements and moved from the
first part of the campaign "No mercy." Addition affected both parts of
the game. In addition to supplementing the developers released a comic
book "Victim" in four parts, which tells about what happened to the
survivors between the campaigns, "Bloody Harvest" and "Go."
DLC �Cold Stream� released February 16, 2011.
at the official blog of published information about the upcoming
addition to the game, which will include a new custom campaign Cold
Stream. The exact release dates of additions were not identified. July
6, 2011 in blog development appeared to appeal to users with a request
to play an active participate in the beta test campaigns Cold Stream.
The game was added one new achievement for which you want to go
through the campaign on any difficulty. In the case till July 10 this
achievement will be 20 000 users, the developers promised to release a
campaign �Cold Stream� before the others. July 7, developers said
that one day got a new achievement over 60 000 users. As promised, the
campaign �Cold Stream� will be released before the others. Exact
date is unknown, but will campaign no later than 22 July.
Dead Air campaign of the original Left 4 Dead, has now become
officially available for Left 4 Dead 2, while that in kachesvte beta
release. In addition to the port card sikvell, adding mini-arms, was
amended in the fourth and fifth card campaign, thanks to which you can
try some new tactics of passage, especially in the final campaign. But
it was also made many changes in Scavenge version of the map.
Do not cut / no recoded
No-Steam Version
Sewn 4 DLC (The Passing, The Sacrifice, Cold Stream, Dead Air)
Launcher by Cilvay (v3.0)
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