Download key generator for Password Generator Professional 5.54

PASSWORD GENERATOR PROFESSIONAL can generate millions of unique
passwords in a matter of seconds. It will ensure the passwords are
completely random, and cannot be guessed by hackers.
You will be able to customize the format of the passwords in
virtually any way you want, and you have a wide range of export
Quickly Generate Secure Passwords
Set the length and number of passwords you need, and press
"Generate" to get going.
Use Flexible Masking Patterns
Use masked mode to fine tune your results.
Enjoy Word List and Dictionary Support
Grab words from files, modify and use them as you please.
Make Easy To Remember Passwords
Make pronounceable passwords that are easy to remember.
Make Secure, Random Numbers
The generation algorithm creates high quality random numbers using a
twisted generalized shift feedback register.
Make Command-line Calls to Password Generator
Commandline support allows integration with your own system.
Run user-created scripts
You can use VBScript scripts to modify the generated passwords as
you like.
Multiple Output Options
Export to text, XML, HTML, CSV and Microsoft Excel, print to paper
and copy to clipboard.
Create Complete Login Details
Create user names or grab them from files and assign passwords.
Save to Multiple Files
You can generate long password lists into separate files, making
them easier to manage.
Lightning fast generation of up to 1 billion unique passwords
Generate with phonetic spelling
Generate the hexadecimal version of passwords
Store options and patterns in templates
Preview passwords before generating
Filter out weak passwords
Filter out specific characters
Customize character sets