Download key generator for Windows Server Enterprise Edition 2008 Service Pack 2 BOOTABLE .ISO DVD June 2011

The image contains only 32/64bit 2008 Server Enterprise. In both
versions of the most important fixes are included at this time. Note
that. NET Framework 3.0 or higher must be installed manually. Now, for
your convenience OS Predaktivirovanna DAZ's Windows Loader v2.0.4.
What to do with this image:
- Do not extract the files from the ISO, so you lose the information
that makes it bootable.
Option number 1: Burn to DVD, using your favorite burning software
(Nero, ImgBurn, etc.) at a slow speed.
Option number 2: Write ISO file on a USB-device (at least 6GB) with
Windows 7 USB / DVD Tool.