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One of the most important new features of this product is the ability
to write scripts in Python. This opportunity has been created
specifically for engineers who require additional analysis (FFTs,
splines, statistical functions, etc.), as well as the flexibility
afforded by the ability to write scripts, compared with writing
macros. Python - its open-source (free and freeware), object-oriented
programming language that offers strong support and tools to integrate
with other programming languages, and comes with extensive standard
libraries. Tecplot Focus 2008 users can now use a vast array of
available open-source libraries.
Other new features and enhancements:
- Updated user interface
- New options for animation
- A variety of color maps, more contour groups
Key features:
- Unique, mnogokarkasnye layouts.
- Macros and automation.
- XY, 2D, and 3D building (vector, contour, polar, etc.).
- High quality vector and raster projects.
Smarter loading of data results in faster time to first image. Load
on demand loads just the data you are actively using. For example, a
Temperature contour plot only loads X, Y, Z and Temperature. When you
switch to a new variable to contour (ie, Pressure), Tecplot 360 loads
Pressure and unloads Temperature (assuming it is not being used for
anything else). Dual processor Linux and Windows boxes are becoming a
standard for desktop engineering workstations. With Tecplot 360,
intensive computing operations are spread across up to 64 CPUs or
Cores, leading to faster streamtraces, slices, and iso-surfaces.
Python is a powerful open-source, object-oriented extensible
programming language. Python scripting was added to Tecplot 360
specifically for engineers who require additional analysis (FFTs,
splines, statistical functions, etc.) Or more scripting flexibility
than macro writing / recording. Additionally, you can run your Python
scripts on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Python offers strong support
for integration with other languages ??and tools and comes with
extensive standard libraries. The SciPy and NumPy scientific computing
libraries are included with Tecplot 360, along with the Tk library for
simple GUI development.
�CFD / FEA Analysis
�Exploration and Analysis
�Customizing and Extending Tecplot 360
�Line, 2D, 3D, and Polar Plotting
�Annotating Plots
�Data Input
�Color Mapping
�Data Manipulation
�Data Structures
�Data Management
�Collaboration and Working in Groups
�Animations and Movies
�Outputting Plots and Data
�Saving & Restoring Plots
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
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Interface: english