Download key generator for Deskshare Site Translator 4.08

It intelligently identifies and translates phrases and sentences
within your web page source code. All the text content for your
Website will be translated including hyperlinks pages and picture
titles. The original Web site layout is preserved in translated pages.
It translates only the content of your web pages and leaves the source
code unchanged.
Creating and maintaining a multilingual web site link structure can
be difficult for developers. Site Translator solves this problem by
managing all internal page links during translation. Links to outside
web sites are not changed.
Site Translator uses automated machine translation technology. This
allows it to translate entire Web sites in minutes. The translated
phrases are stored in the Translation Memory, which you can easily
modify to improve accuracy.
You can also use Site Translator to localize your .NET programs. It
doesn't matter what language you write software in. Whether you use
VB.NET, C# or any other .NET language, you can translate all the
labels, menus and other text in any .NET program by translating the
.RESX files. You can use Site Translator to translate the text stored
in any XML file. Language is no longer a barrier!
Translate your Websites and .Net Applications to 19 languages
without modifying your source code!