Download key generator for Deskshare Text Speaker 3.17

Just press a hotkey to hear any text. Even better, leave the PC
behind! Turn your documents into MP3 files for your Apple iPod or
other audio player. There are so many ways that Text Speaker can be
useful. Listen to email and memos, narrate your tutorials and
marketing videos, or create voice menu prompts for your phone
messaging system.
No need to rent a studio or hire announcers: the program turns your
script directly into finished audio files. It's the perfect way to
proofread. Hearing your documents makes it easy to spot mistakes. You
can also create your own audio books. Why strain your eyes reading a
book on a screen, when you can relax and have it read to you in a
clear, pleasant voice? Text Speaker is easy to learn and easy to use.
Volume, pitch, and voice controls are available on the main window
to make listening pleasant. You can open, edit, and save Word, PDF,
RTF, and text files directly with Text Speaker. It handles multiple
files with ease, and you can batch-convert all open files to MP3 with
a single command. You can hear text in any program by simply pressing
a hotkey. Text Speaker's interface can be displayed in English,
French, German, Portuguese, and Italian.
When you switch interface languages, all menus, button labels, and
messages are displayed in your selected language. With the purchase of
additional Professional Voices, it can read aloud in any of these
languages. The voice is so close to human, you can learn to pronounce
foreign speech. Choose between dozens of male and female voices from
the exciting and amazingly realistic AT&T Natural Voices available at
our web site, When you purchase Text Speaker you
receive 2 Natural Voices, Mike and Crystal, a $50 value, at no
additional cost!
� Listen to any text as spoken words
� Convert text into WAV or MP3 files for later listening
� Open and read Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX), RTF, HTML, and TXT
� Add background music to spoken words
� Choose from a wide assortment of free voices, or purchase
quality professional voices
� Adjust reading speed, pitch, and pronunciation.