Download key generator for Deskshare Auto FTP Manager 5.18

Auto FTP Manager makes it easy to schedule and automate your FTP
transfers. Use Auto FTP Manager to connect to any FTP server and
workflow. Let your PC move or synchronize files between PC to FTP
Server, PC to PC, and FTP Server to FTP Server, automatically
according to a schedule.
The easy-to-use wizard creates Action Rules, which define what files
and folders are to be transferred. Automated Transfer Profiles can
synchronize two directories. You can also have the program record your
actions and play them back later. Advanced filters control which files
are transferred based on their type, name, size, or modification date.
The built-in scheduler lets you transfer files on an hourly, weekly,
or monthly basis, and works as a Windows task service. This guarantees
the file transfer will be performed at the scheduled time. Auto FTP
Manager is multi-threaded, allowing you to open connections to
multiple FTP servers at the same time. The program can transfer files
in the background while you work on other tasks.
A powerful Quick Connect File Manager makes transferring files
between your PC and an FTP server as simple as dragging from one
location and dropping in another. The File Manager works like the
Windows Explorer, enabling you to easily delete, rename and copy
Move the files between: PC to FTP server, PC to PC, FTP server to
FTP server
Schedule your file transfers on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly
Select Action Rules to select which files to copy, move, or delete
File transfer scheduler runs as a windows task service
Automatically transfer files based on their name, modification date,
size, or file type
Control Auto FTP Manager using its command-line interface
Perform scheduled tasks in the background
Continue transfers that have been interrupted
Transfer files between two servers using File eXchange Protocol
Supports secure FTPS using FTP-SSL connection
Create an individual configuration profile for each FTP server
Transfer files between multiple servers simultaneously
Delete, rename, copy files on your PC and the server from within the
Synchronize two directories and transfer only modified files
Change Unix-style file attributes
Add multiple files for transfer in the Transfer Queue
Set transfer priorities
View the status of each file transfer individually
Record the actions you perform on an FTP server and save them for
later playback
Keep detailed logs showing all actions
Save logs either locally or on an FTP server, or have them emailed
to any address