Download key generator for Neverwinter Nights

_Genre: RPG (Hack-and-slash) / 3D / 3rd Person_
Neverwinter Nights - a role-playing game based on cult role-playing
system, Dungeons & Dragons, playing in which you find yourself in the
heart of the epic saga of faith, war and betrayal.
As a player you can choose what abilities your character will be
trained for travel in the vast and dangerous world of Forgotten
Realms. Become a deadly rogue, moving from shadow to shadow, become a
scientist and a magician use powerful spells against enemies, become a
raging barbarian, whose lust for battle is matched only with the fire
of his rage, become chained to the paladin armor, protecting the
innocent, become a holy priest, who heals wounds and helps the
helpless ... These roles, and many others are waiting for you.
Neverwinter Nights allows you to create your own worlds. Along with
the game comes extremely convenient and complete toolkit for creating
unique adventures. Aurora Toolset allows even novice users to design
everything - from the silent misty forest or a damp cave where evil is
decided before the royal court. All creatures, objects and other
gaming facilities are fully available for editing. Create traps,
monsters and magic items to make your adventure unique.
Neverwinter Nights - not only and not a single game, you can play
with friends or on official servers. You can arrange your own
adventures as a Dungeon Master, using a powerful DM-client with which
you can control any NPCs that players will meet during the journey,
but also control many other parameters that affect the game.
- The assembly contains both the addon (Shadows of Undrentide &
Hordes of the Underdark), each of which includes its own game
- This build is optimized for online game (that does not mean that
you can not play a single). On the page of history in multiplayer menu
added to the addresses of all employees currently in runet servers
NWN, except Sial, because playing it requires a special client.
Including the entire base set of files to play on the network, as well
as all the necessary files to play on the server Gem of
the North. Files that are required for play on other servers, you can
own unique features, fans of wagering, PvE, PvP or passing danzhenov
will find a world of taste.
- 1.69 - final version, because the developer has stopped official
support for the game. This means that no patches to set unnecessary.
- In the assembly to expand the available development tools,
including several third-party tools to work with used game files.
version of WinRAR, this format also understand). Game does not need to
install, just unzip to your hard drive. It also holds the registry
keys for Windows XP (nwn_fix.reg at the root of the game - open
notepad and replace everywhere "C: NWN " on the way to the game, then
run the file), but the game works without the registry entries.
- Initially, the Russian version is installed (the best translation
into Russian of NWN). All game strings are stored in a file in the
root dialog.tlk game. To change the language to English, replace
dialog.tlk on file from the archive To change the
language to Russian, replace dialog.tlk on file from the archive
- The assembly contains the generated key generator (located in the
folder / utils, file NWN CDKeyGen.exe) sequence of characters. For a
single game this will be enough to play on servers you'll ever need to
generate your own keys and fit them into a file in the root
nwncdkey.ini game.
- There are problems with the game or the editor on some video
cards, and for Win 7. Video driver update solved or running in the
emulator XP.
System requirements:
- Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
- Processor: Pentium III or Athlon 800 MHz or newer
- Memory: 512 Mb
- Video: nVidia GeForce 2 / ATI Radeon 7500 or newer
- DirectX: 8.1 or later
- Hard disk space: 5 Gb
- Keyboard, Mouse