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The world�s smartest font manager just got smarter. FontAgent�
Pro 4 delivers a deluge of font management features to the
Macintosh� and the creative world will never be the same. You can
still repair, optimize and organize your fonts, then build font
libraries and cascading sets that you can activate, manage, secure,
print, and preview. And now, with FontAgent Pro 4 there�s so much
Eliminate Font and System Problems
Optimize and organize your fonts
Diagnose, repair and quarantine problem fonts
Stop menu clutter, jaggies, substitution, output problems
Improve system performance and stability
View, Search and Manage Your Fonts
View fonts in Player, Compare, Waterfall and Data views
Search and select fonts with a few clicks
Activate and deactivate fonts automatically or manually
Share font specimens and sample books
Create nested sets for projects and clients
Store client fonts in separate libraries from your fonts
Manage Fonts Across Your Organization
Prevent unauthorized changes to fonts and sets
Share fonts with associates (Workgroup Edition)
Connect enterprise users to FontAgent Pro SuperServers
More Font Data than Ever
View and search your fonts by name, family, format, version,
foundry, and category�or for finer detail, fi nd fonts by slant,
proportion and weight.
New User Interface Provides Easy Font Access
New UI provides easy access to a variety of smart tools and
searches. Manage projects faster using customizable toolbars and
extensive help.
Smart Activation Opens the Fonts You Need
Open documents and watch FontSavant� auto-activate the precise
fonts you need, or use MagicMatch� artifi cial intelligence to rank
and suggest alternatives.
Smart Classifi cation Categorizes Fonts Automatically
View and search fonts by category or create custom classes to search
Smart Search Finds Fonts Fast
Use multiple criteria to find exactly the fonts you need. Search by
name, format, foundry, type, weight, proportion, angle�whatever you
want! Save any search as a Smart Set with just a click.
Smart Sets that Update Automatically
Save any search as a Smart Set that dynamically updates when your
font database changes�then view, compare and activate the set�s
contents at anytime.
Keyword Search Finds Fonts Like Magic
Locate fonts on your Mac and the Internet using keywords such as
nautical, cowboy or winter. Use your imagination to add some magic to
selecting fonts.
Online Font Store Makes Buying Fonts Easy
After locating fonts on the Internet, you can purchase and start
using them right away with just a few clicks.
Smart Scripts Speed Workflow
Automate your tasks and workflow with AppleScripts that save time
and maximize accuracy as you inspect, manipulate and modify your fonts
and sets.
Smart Installer Gets You Started Fast
Automatically install plug-ins for your creative applications and
avoid tedious disk exploration and manual installation.
New Features
More font data than ever
New user interface provides easy font access
Smart activation opens the fonts you need
Smart classification categorizes fonts automatically
Smart search finds fonts fast
Smart sets that update automatically
Keyword search finds fonts like magic
Online font store makes buying fonts easy
Smart scripts speed workflow
Smart installer gets you started fast
Version 4.2 of FontAgent Pro is ready for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and
includes auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 and
QuarkXPress 9.
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