Download key generator for Punch Home Design Studio Pro v12

* Estimator Track costs, as you draw, then view your estimate
schedules in a handy, spreadsheet format
* Fireplace Assistant Create a custom, editable fireplace, based on
criteria you selectincludes style, mantel, hearth, firebox, building
material, & chimney options
* Door & Window Designers Customize doors and windows for your
projectscustom panels, and gridsall to your specs!
* Global Sun Positioning Set scientifically precise lighting angles,
based on your position on earth, date, time, and daylight savings time
* Room Assistant Plan your space, input dimensions and walls are
auto-generated to create your rooms
* Site Planner Enter coordinates from your plot plan, legal
description, or measurements and your property line is drawn for you
* Fillet, Inverse Fillet, & Chamfer tools Fillet, Inverse Fillet, &
Chamfer tools
* Object Organizer Create custom categories, then move objects from
library to library, so you can quickly locate your favorites or
organize them the way you use them
* DXF/DWG Import & Export Convert existing drawings to Punch! files
or use the export option to share a drawing file with a friend or
* Video Tutorials Watch and learn with video tutorials
or insert your own CAD objects to expand your library
* Google SketchUp Import (3D Custom Workshop Pro) Import predrawn
objectsthousands available on the webto convert and use in your Punch!
System Requirements
* Macintosh? OS 10.4x or higher, G3 processor or higher, Intel?
Core? Solo class processor or higher, 256MB of RAM, 4.9GB of Hard Disk
Space, 32MB of VRAM, VGA Video Card displaying at least 1024x768 with
16-bit color (32-bit recommended), DVD-ROM Drive, Mouse Pointing
Device (wheel button recommended