Download key generator for Jeppesen-The Set of Programs with Steps Worldwide

The main products are:
FliteStar and FliteMap - designed to create a route, view of
schemes, etc.
Differ in that they can be used in FliteMap GPS in real time.
JeppView is intended for viewing patterns, creating routing (eg,
simplified and FliteStar FliteMap)
FliteDeck designed to navigate in real time, viewing patterns, etc.
Of course need a GPS receiver.
In principle, full of happiness, we need only FliteMap and
Extras. Information: I am convinced that there must be a
distribution of Jeppesen with steps to install, but since nothing
intelligible and legible, not found, it was necessary to understand
yourself and put this puzzle.
The assembly is present:
Folder "Aircrafts (335 aircraft)" - planes for computing routes,
fuel consumption, speed, etc.
Folder "FAQ" - answers to the most important issues
Folder "JeppView Date Calc v1.1a" - prog to hack update
Folder "RunAsDate" - prog to hack internal date Jeppa
Folder "Manuals, tutorials, trainings" - contains some interesting
interactive applets.
Folder "Citramon" - crack for activation.
"! Step by step guide "- a certain number of actions that will make
you happy.
And disk images
We strongly recommend:
a) establish, as it says in the instructions
b) see a folder F.A.Q
Answers to the questions contained in your FAQ
01. Why FliteStar, FliteMap, JeppView, FliteDeck?
02. What do the numbers in the window when you run programs?
03. Why upgrade?
04. Where to get codes for updates?
05. How not to upgrade, but use the Jeppesen?
06. How to swap FliteStar and FliteMap?
07. Why the program needs planes?
08. How to install GPS in FliteDeck and FliteMap?
09. Where are the folders?
10. What do the first letters in the keys?
Year: 2011
Release Date: June 2011
Developer: Jeppesen
Language: English