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CENTRAFUSE is a framework that allows software engineers working in
C++, C#, Delphi, Visual Basic, .NET and Flash ActionScript to rapidly
create touch-friendly, voice-enabled and remote-controlled
applications for in-vehicle infotainment solutions. These applications
"plug-in" to our Centrafuse runtime engine and leverage existing
technology, while extending and customizing the feature offering.
Developers can take applications from rapid-prototyping to shrink-wrap
in a fraction of the time normally required, allowing customers to
extend their product offering and additional revenue opportunities
while avoiding time consuming and costly rebuilds for every new
An extensible, modular runtime environment with a plug-in based
architecture that easily accommodates specific customization demands
and additional product features. Centrafuse Core is comprised of
Universal Core APIs for:
GPS Navigation
Voice Recognition
Bluetooth Handsfree
Web Browsers
Hardware Components (radios, audio devices)