Download key generator for ProjectSAM True Strike 2 Cinematic World Effects Percussion

True Strike 2, the second volume in the series, offers over 30 world
and 28 effects percussion instruments covering everything to lay down
the percussion track for your next chase sequence, horror scene or
ethnic flavored score. All instruments were recorded at 88.2/24 and
are offered at 44.1/24. 14 GB of hard disk space is required.
One of the highlights in True Strike 2 is the Big Bang Menu. This
sample bank offers you ground-shaking hits, both natural performances,
such as gran casa a deux, as well as stacked and processed hits. If
you are working on a powerful action cue, True Strike 2's Big Bangs
are your main ingredient.
For True Strike 2, over 52 individual world percussion instruments
have been sampled, covering the following regions: Japanese/Asian,
African and European/Turkish. You will find okedo (taiko) drums,
doundoun, udu, gomee, brekete, darabukas, bowls, bendirs, chappa from
various regions, atarigane, kangagui bells and cajon. For all main
instruments various idiomatic phrases are available. All world
instruments have been recorded in studio or stage environments and are
available in two microphone sets: close and room.
True Strike 2 gives you bone-chilling recordings of bowed cymbal,
china, vibraphone and crotales. Recorded in a concert hall, you get to
choose between an aggressive, direct sound that you can process
yourself, or an ambient, distant sound that will fit into your
suspense cue right away.
One of True Strike 2's special features is the prepared concert
grand piano. Recorded in an ambient concert hall using 3 mic
positions, this set includes plucked snares, both sustained and
dampened struck snares and a barrage of prepared piano effects such as
glissandi, clusters, brush hits, wooden hits, hand-struck hits and
much more.
True Strike 2 does not only focus on acoustic sounds. The library
comes with a set of sound-designed and processed effects. Over two
88-note keyboards worth of otherworldly hits, scapes and spheres are
at your disposal.
This library holds one big melodic bonus for you: a fully sampled, 3
GB cimbalom recorded in 3 velocities with 4 alternates for every
single stroke, sustained and dampened notes as well as tremolo, slap
and special effects. Available in 2 microphone sets.