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Additional information
Kernel: IBM OS / 2 Warp 14.104, MCP2/fixpak 5
ACPI-subsystem: 2008/12
Desktop: eWorkPlace 1.08
Available version of the system: English
Place an infrastructure upgrade:
1. ACPI - change the internal structure of the operating system: a
system to control equipment via ACPI-interface. Thus, eComStation uses
possibilities of modern ACPI-PC.
2. EVFS - in the OS included a universal file system eComStation
Virtual File System.
3. UniClip - improved support for Unicode: buffer exchange now
supports unicode.
4. Standard Cairo - support for modern applications using a modern
vector graphics library.
5. Standard SDL - application developers can now use SDL for video
6. GCC runtime - The system includes the runtime to run programs
compiled compiler GCC.
Install OS:
1. Improved setup of the operating system, the ability to install
from USB CD-ROM.
2. Bootable JFS - updated bootable JFS. JFS Overview
3. Automatically checks the hard drive ready to install eComStation.
4. Added utility resize FAT32 and NTFS-volume (useful for laptop
users to move the volume from Windows and make room for eComStation).