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Dead Rising 2 is the sequel to the popular Xbox 360 game Dead Rising.
It was released on September 28th in North America, September 30th in
Japan and September 24th in Europe on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and
Windows PC. The release date was delayed numerous times due to certain
development issues. It is set in a Las Vegas-like setting called
Fortune City, which suddenly fell victim to a zombie outbreak in an
act of terrorism.
The game has sold over 2 million units , prompting for a call for a
possible Dead Rising 3.
as DLC on the Xbox 360, while Case West, the epilogue, was released on
December 27th 2010.
The game takes place five years after the original, in a Las
Vegas-like resort called Fortune City. Chuck Greene, a former
motocross champion, was in Las Vegas with his wife and daughter, when
a zombie outbreak occurred and the city was overrun. His wife became a
zombie, and infected their daughter, Katey. Chuck and his daughter
managed to escape the city, but in order to save Katey, he constantly
had to procure Zombrex for her.
Three years later, he competed in Terror is Reality to get enough
money to buy the increasingly expensive anti-zombification drug. Chuck
participated in the show and won, but after the show an imposter
caused an outbreak by releasing the zombies. Chuck is framed as the
man who caused the outbreak, and with the help of CURE leader Stacey
Forsythe, he has three days before the military arrive to find
evidence that says otherwise. Not only that, but he must also find
daily doses of Zombrex to keep his daughter from turning.
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