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COMMONCENTS is a simple and powerful budgeting and personal finance
solution designed to help individuals and families get control of
their finances.
CommonCents takes a common sense approach to finances to help you
see where you’ve been, know where you are, and plan for where you
want to be. Our users tell us that it’s the best personal finance
software of its kind available. We tend to agree!
CommonCents uses the time-tested envelope budgeting approach to help
you effectively manage your personal finances and home budget. Even if
you are new to envelope budgeting and to managing your finances with
an envelope system, we think you will find CommonCents simple to learn
and intuitive to use.
The user-friendly layout provides a clear picture of your finances
on a single screen. It's an easy way to know at a glance exactly how
much money you have on hand and what it is allotted for. This helps
you control your spending, increase your savings, and plan for your
future goals.