Download key generator for Extreme GPU Bruteforcer 1.9

Extreme GPU Bruteforcer is a professional solution for recovering
passwords from hashes using GPU. Extreme GPU Bruteforcer recovers
passwords for MD5 and MySQL hashes using the exhaustive search and
utilizing the power of GPU; that enables reaching unprecedented search
speeds with modern video cards by NVIDIA that support the CUDA
technology. For example, the search speed for MD5 hashes with GeForce
8800GS is 270 million paswords per second.
- For 3 ... 5% accelerated work program in all attacks.
- Module DES (Unix). Exe accelerated to 20 ... 25 percent.
- Number of salted hashes for the attack is now almost unlimited -
5000000.Also, now their number does not affect the loading of graphics
cards - for example, you can run a dictionary attack on thousands of
MD5 (Unix)-hashes. But it is obvious that the attack speed will be
reduced in proportion to salt the hashes.
- Completely changed the algorithm of setting DeleteHashes = 1.Now,
his presence did not affect the speed of the program, because removal
of hashes is single at the end of the program (or termination of its
work). It does not duplicate hashes are stored and sorted themselves
hashes.Also, always do a backup of the source file with hashes.
- Parameter Base64Hashes are only supported in the algorithms MD4,
MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256.
- Added a limit - the maximum amount of unsalted hashes 25 million.
- Bit rate of less than 1 million p / s is now displayed in n / sec.
- Significantly reduced the delay in displaying the password found
in the processing of large lists of hashes.
- When reporting an incorrect format hash program also now shows the
hash (module MD5 (Unix), MD5 (phpBB3), etc.).
- Fixed several minor bugs.