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El Dorado Software is dedicated to bringing state-of-the-art software
technologies to the Model Railroading hobby. We believe that today's
hobbyist seeks to use the computer as a tool to bring pleasure,
productivity and accuracy into their pastime. We also believe that
feedback from our customers provides the most valuable understanding
of your needs, and incorporate your input into our evolving products.
El Dorado Software's first consumer product, 3rd PlanIt�, provides
the foundation of our retail product line. 3rd PlanIt offers the model
railroad hobbyist the precision of CAD layout in an easy-to-use
program, using the power of the computer to accomplish the difficult
tasks of alignment, placement and trimming. Automated functions create
multiple parallel objects with one mouse movement, connect circles to
lines with spiral easements while trimming them to meet end-to-end,
and find paths through long and complex trackwork for setting
elevations and viewing in profile. Trackwork can be customized for
standard or normal gauge, and you can even define the size and spacing
of railroad ties. Track Planning for Model Railroads If you are about
to build or design a model railroad, you will find yourself facing a
number of decisions. You need to choose a theme that reflects your
interests and experience, decide on the primary goals for your layout,
design the layout, and refine the plan. The buildings and landscape
are integral to a great track plan, and you may even want to
scratchbuild a building or two to really personalize the layout.
Sooner or later, when you've arrived at a track plan that meets your
needs, you can take hammer to nail and construct your dream layout.
Click to enlargeThe process of Track Planning is where you experiment
with ideas, negotiate for space, find the ideal compromises for your
setting, and establish the operating characteristics of your layout.