Download key generator for DocuCom PDF Gold Plus 9.51

brings PDF creation and editing to the next level with a redesigned
user interface and a host of new features. This time around, Zeon's
designers took to the challenge of adding new functions while keeping
the user experience simple and straightforward. The result is a PDF
Gold that looks and feels deceptively simple - just don't
underestimate the processing power that lies within. With the new Gold
9 you can create PDF packages from multiple documents, or split large
documents into separate files. Compare document revisions or migrate
comments from one file to another. Add multimedia files like movies,
sounds and 3D objects. And use the Barcode tool to make form data
collection a breeze. For anyone who's looking for a PDF application
that offers all the features but at a fraction of the cost, look no
today and see for yourself. PDF Gold 9 fully supports PDF 1.7
specifications and is Vista-compatible. KEY FEATURES PDF Creation -
Second to None Intuitive Browsing Powerful Printing Controls Document
Assembly Editing Bookmarks/Hyperlinks Annotating/Reviewing/Marking up
Documents Securing Documents Retrieving/Setting Document Properties
Creating PDF Forms Searching/Indexing Documents Editing Page Contents
Signing Documents (Digital Signature) Sending Documents or Pages
Unlimited Redo/Undo Expandable Architecture HOMEPAGE -