Download key generator for nDrive Map North America 2011

The menu is well thought-out program is very convenient to manage.
The program can provide you navigate around the city as in the 2D
mode, and in 3D. All navigation can be accompanied by a pleasant
female voice with all the cases, and it is in your language.
Languages appear (you need (example - Russia or Ukraine)) after you
install the appropriate map for further use. By default, there is
In this release are versions for Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian.
- Nice UI with kinetic scrolling;
- Advanced search by organization;
- Voice support for your journey;
- Identify your site on cell towers or when the Internet;
- Ability to display maps in 2D or 3D mode;
- Import and export all your notes, points, etc. in and out of
Google Earth (KML).
- New crafted interface.
- Function "TTS - Text-to-Speech" will give you the opportunity to
learn more interesting information about your destination or
landmarks, to which you are driving up or just passed.
- Function "Signposts" will display a counter-signs at the top of
the CCP for a more reliable navigation in a large traffic flow.
- Function "Lane Assitance" will show graphically all the possible
band with their direction of the road and even the one on which you
are moving at the moment (used for highways and interstates).
- Function "Online POIs" to help you find new and current location,
depending on your situation at the moment due to service like Google.
- Function "NDrive Store" - a sort of online store where you can
voices for the navigation and many other useful functions and things
for your convenience. If you have already purchased and registered
your software, or cards, then all you'll get and update for free.
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