Download key generator for Virtual Access Point 2.2

Key features: * Share Internet with another laptop - It turns one of
your laptops into a Wireless Access Point (WAP, or Wi-Fi router or
Wi-Fi gateway), other laptops can connect to the Wi-Fi network to surf
Internet. * Share Internet with iPhone, iPod, PDA, xBox or what ever -
Your iPhone, PDA or other Wi-Fi devices can enjoy the wireless network
created by Virtual AP. * Wi-Fi Security - The wireless network created
by Virtual AP is security-enabled. Anyone who wants to connect MUST
have the network key (Password). * ONE-CLICK Sharing - One button to
start, one button to stop, that's all. * Simple - It is very simple,
one-click sharing. You even don't need to read the manual. * It Is
Soft - It turns your laptop into a Wireless Access Point(WAP), without
any third hardwares. * Share 3G over WiFi (3G Sharing) - Share your 3G
connection with your family. * Share ISDN over WiFi (ISDN Sharing) -
Share your ISDN connection to your another laptop or PC. * Share DSL
over WiFi (DSL Sharing or ADSL Sharing) - Share DSL or ADSL to your
another laptop or PC. Why Virtual Access Point? While on business
trips or attending conferences, there may not always be multiple
Internet connections available for all participants to take advantage
of. Using Virtual Access Point software you can share Internet access
with co-workers during meetings or conferences in locations where
there is just one Internet connection such as a hotel or conference
centre. This will work in locations which offer Internet access
connections through an Ethernet connection. How Virtual AP works?
Image Virtual Access Point is used to share only one Internet
connection between two or more computers. One of these computers acts
the server role which has an ethernet cable plugged in, and it
broadcasts Wi-Fi signal. Other computers with wireless adapter card,
will find the Wi-Fi signal and can join in the wireless network, so
can surf the Internet through the server computer's sharing.