Download key generator for amp; nfragistics NetAdvantage for WPF Data Visualization 2011

Compelling WPF Data Visualizations make the high-end Business
Intelligence solution, so that's why we continue to give you the kinds
of controls over the next year that will empower your applications'
end users to turn relevant data into actionable decisions. In the
first volume release of 2011 we will be bringing you more rich
charting like org charts, histograms and more for the lightning-fast
visualization of your data.
xamOrgChart – New Control
xamNetworkNode - New Control
xamBarcodeReader - New Control
Support for New Types of Charts, including:
Stacked Bar
Stacked 100 Bar
Stacked Column
Stacked 100 Column
Polar Spline Series
Polar Spline Area Series
Radial Column Series
Radial Pie Series
Radial Area Series
Radial Line Series
New Formulas for the Data Chart, including:
Normal Distribution
Error Bar
New Theme for all controls
New Design Time Experience for Select Controls