Download key generator for Karate Master: Knock Down Blow 1.0.4

KARATE MASTER Knock Down Blow, is an explosive fighting game of full
contact karate (kakuto Karate), which will involve you not only in
fierce fights, but also in the preparation and training needed for a
Karateka to strengthen body and spirit.
Enjoy the world of Karate Master KDB with a Highly detailed 2d
graphics, with an attractive character design.
Karate Master KDB is tough and realistic, no balls of fire or
superhuman moves, the shots really hurt, watch the devastating effect
of punchs and kicks that cause dramatic damage.
Be master of your attacks, you decide where to strike, dodge, block,
counterattack, grab and do not forget that even one shot can put you
KO or cause critical damage, such as broken limbs or internal organs.
Each battle has its own rules or none at all.
Enhance your features, in competitive Tournaments, Ring fighting,
facing the opponents Dojo (Dojo Yabury), be prepared to accept
challenges and tests of any kind..
Show who you are and who's the strongest Karate Master.