Download key generator for IovSoft Blu-ray Copy

One burner copy
Iovsoft Blu-ray Copy support copying of single disc. It means that
if you have only one burner, you can copy the Blu-ray to your hard
disc provisionally, and then copy it to another disc. You can see the
rest of space on your computer with this program; so that you will
know whether you need to compress your Blu-ray when you copy.
Disc-to-Disc copy
Under the promise of two burners, iovSoft Blu-ray Copy support
disc-to-disc copy. This copy is much faster than carrying out a single
burner copy.
Burners support
Iovsoft Blu-ray Copy supports all popular Blu-ray burners like
Pioneer, LG, Asus, Buffalo, SONY, Samsung, etc. It can not only
identify the model of Blu-ray burner automatically, but also
automatically analysis and show you remnant space of hard disc, and it
will popup a message if there is not enough space on hard disc. You
can use it to backup your Blu-ray movies easily.
System support
It supports Windows 2000/xp/vista and also win7 64 bit. It can
completely compatible with win 7.