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THE SIMS 3: AMBITIONS (Also known as The Sims 3: Hobbies and
Professions before the official announcement), is an expansion pack
for The Sims 3. It allows players to become "fearless heroes and ace
entrepreneurs". In other words, it's a career oriented expansion pack,
a spiritual remake of The Sims 2: Open for Business, but with added
activities. Ambitions also appears to be somewhat related to The Sims
2: FreeTime.
"Imagine a world where you can make your Sim anything they want to
be. Widen your Sim's horizons with a bunch of killer career
opportunities. With The Sims 3: Ambitions, decide whether your Sim
will be the brave town hero, cause loads of mischief among their
neighbors,or give some style advice. Make your Sim save the day as a
brave firefighter, change your town as a leading architect, or live on
the edge as a tattoo artist. Will your Sim find success as a
billionaire high-tech inventor or eke out a living as a bumbling mad
scientist? Will they uncover secrets as a private investigator by
dusting for prints or roughing up a suspect for information? Will they
walk the runways as a fashion diva with exhilarating and swanky style?
Their future is entirely in your hands!"
The Sims 3: Ambitions allows players to pursue a variety of exciting
paths and careers in their Sims� lives that in turn affect their
overall gameplay experience and neighborhood. While on the job, the
player has direct control over their Sims� work and can choose how
to spend their days. Players can opt to make house calls and save
lives as a doctor or choose the devious route and test experimental
medicine on patients. Be the heroic firefighter tackling raging
infernos or smashing everything in sight at the victim�s home with
an axe; take a shot at solving cases as an investigator, nicely
convincing sources to divulge secrets or roughing up perpetrators in a
dark alley to get information.
Players can now experience some of the most exciting and varied
jobs. In The Sims 3: Ambitions, players can choose to hunt down
vengeful spirits as the ghost hunter, invent brilliant and potentially
destructive gadgets as an inventor, craft glorious masterpieces as a
sculptor, and solve riveting cases by any means necessary as an
investigator with dozens of cases to solve and numerous clues to find.
Additionally, players will be able to change the look and feel of
their town by becoming an architect and directly affecting the
neighborhood around them leveraging Build and Buy mode. The stylist
career and new tattoo system allow players to make over their Sim
neighbors in fashionable or catastrophic ways. For the first time,
players will be in charge of how their Sims� career progresses and
decide if they will work for good or evil, pursue creative endeavors
or technical affairs, climb to the top quickly, or be a slacker. The
future of a Sims� success or failure is entirely in the hands of the
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