Download key generator for Maxon Cinema 4D R12 Studio

As well as containing all of the features found in CINEMA 4D Prime,
Visualize and Broadcast, CINEMA 4D Studio adds advanced character
tools, hair, a physics engine and an unlimited clients network
rendering. The end result is that CINEMA 4D Studio can tackle any
project you throw at it with ease.
CINEMA 4D Studio's character tools make it easy to create character
rigs and advanced character animations. Adding hair or fur to
characters is fast and simple with a powerful suite of hair tools that
let you grow, comb, style and animate. The physics engine, which has
been overhauled in R12, makes it simple to perform complex collisions
and interaction between objects, be it a few or thousands. Network
rendering allows you to take advantage of all computers on your
network to help render your animations faster.
Despite being for advanced 3D, the extra tools found in Studio are
still designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Generating advanced
3D effects such as hair is surprisingly easy and fast, with CINEMA 4D
doing much of the hard work for you. For example, hair will
automatically swoosh and sway as you move your character around; and
making thousands of objects collide with each other only takes a few
mouse clicks to set up.
CINEMA 4D Studio lets you unleash your creativity and enjoy 3D
without limits.
Minimum System Requirements
Windows XP, Vista or 7 running on Intel or AMD CPU with
SSE2-Support; Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher running on an Intel-based Mac;
1024 MB RAM, DVD ROM drive. Standard DVD installation can take up to
2.5 GB of disk space.
Supported Operating Systems for CINEMA 4D R12 and BodyPaint 3D R12
• Windows 7 (all variations)
• Windows Vista (all variations)
• Windows Vista 64-bit (all variations)
• Windows 2008 Server
• Windows 2008 Server 64-bit
• Windows XP (Pro / Home) Service Pack 2 & 3
• Windows XP Pro 64-bit
• Windows 2003 Server
• Windows 2003 Server 64-bit
• Apple OS X 10.6 (and up)
• Apple Mac OS X 10.5.8 (and up)
Minimum CPU Requirements CINEMA 4D R12 and BodyPaint 3D R12
Minimum processor Windows PC
• Intel Pentium 4
• Athlon 64
• Sempron (K8 with SSE2)
• VIA C7
Minimum processor Macintosh
• Intel CoreSolo
Supported processors
• Intel Pentium M
• Intel Pentium 4
• Intel Pentium 4D
• Intel XEON
• Intel Core Solo
• Intel Core Duo
• Intel Core 2 Duo
• Intel Core 2 Quad
• Intel Core i7
• Intel Core i5
• Intel Celeron
• Intel Celeron D
• AMD Sempron (K8/Socket 754)
• AMD Athlon 64
• AMD Opteron
• AMD Phenom
Processors not supported
• Intel Itanium
• Intel Itanium II
• Intel Pentium
• Intel Pentium II
• Intel Pentium III
• AMD K6
• AMD K7
• AMD Athlon XP/MP
• AMD Duron
• Power PC G4
• Power PC G5
A Word About Graphics Cards
In short, CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D run on any OpenGL-capable
graphics card (which includes the vast majority available in the past
10 years). We do however strongly recommend using a dedicated 3D
graphics card with a chipset from ATI or nVidia. Currently, powerful
graphics chips are also available on mid-range notebooks.
Always make sure to use the latest drivers. Newer drivers are
usually faster and more stable.
The graphics cards listed below are known to run the Enhanced OpenGL
mode as of summer 2010. Any newer models will most likely support all
necessary features as well.
nVidia GeForce: 8xxx(M)-series, 9xxx(M)-series, 1xx(M)-series,
2xx(M)-series, 3xx(M)-series, 4xx(M)-series
nVidia Quadro FX: x70-series, x80-series, x700 series, x800-series,
ATI (Mobility) Radeon: HD2xxx-series, HD3xxx-series, HD4xxx-series,
ATI FirePro: all series
ATI FireGL: x700-series, x800-series