Download key generator for WebCam Laboratory 6.4.752

You do not need complicated instruments or scientific labs if you
want to discover the secrets of nature and your immediate
surroundings. If you have WebCam Laboratory, all you need is an
intelligent and curious observer � that is you � and a simple
webcam. WebCam Laboratory allows you to observe things and phenomena
that have always been there around you, but you haven't had the chance
to recognize them. Would you like to measure the depth of a Moon
The distance of a star or the length of a single-celled specie?
Unbelievable as it is, but with the help of WebCam Laboratory, all
this is just a click away. Would you like to know how the circulation
of the Sun changes, when the animals of the garden wake up, who tithe
the nut in the basement or what kind of birds live around your house?
With our software you can get the answers, but you can get to know
what happens, when your toy cars crash, you can observe the periodical
movements of a ball or the garden swing, only your imagination can set
limits for these fascinating experiments. WebCam Laboratory is exactly
what you need, if you are curious how your favorite plant grows day by
day, how clouds form or swirl on the sky, or if you just want to see a
whole day from the rise of the Sun until it sets.
* Is easy to handle
* Teachers and students get a real sense of achievement even on the
first occasion
* It can be used at common places with common objects
* It inspires students to do experiments
* Using it is entertaining, it makes experiment a load of fun
* It inspires logical and creative thinking by making new
experiments over and over
* It simplifies phenomena that seem complicated, helping students
understand and interpret them thoroughly
* All you need is our software and a webcam, nothing else
* Schools have the opportunity to give the software to the students
for free
* Teaches students to love and respect nature