Download key generator for Adobe After Effects CS 5.5

In After Effects CS5.5 a number of changes and added several new
features and effects:
Added a new effect of image stabilization: Warp Stabilizer, which
works automatically. Added settings to reduce the "jelly" of the
camera, more reading about this effect here.
- Improved impact Camera Lens Blur. Create blur images with Camera
Lens Blur. Install the characteristics of the form a rainbow round the
corners and the diffraction bands to create an attractive bokeh, and
use the same features for stunning control over depth of field using
camera settings 3D After Effects.
- Improved the effect of Timecode. - Support for reading and the use
of timecode source (including QuickTime and DPX sequences).
- Improved the effect of 3D Glasses. Support for working with 3D
stereo video, thanks to option Create Stereo Rig.
- Improved performance programs, including Chile from recycled Disk
cache (which is now enabled by default). Automatically sets the size:
Maximum Disk Cache Size - 20Gbayt. Layer Cache - Caching allows you to
visualize shots for each layer. Layer Cache option can be selected
directly in the Timeline. Green shots - video is cached in memory,
blue - are cached on disk.
- Added improvements in the 3D lights and cameras. In the setting of
the light sources added items: Falloff, Radius, Falloff Distance.
Falloff parameter specifies the effect of waning light intensity
depending on the distance.
- Improved work with RAW sources, including but not limited imports
CinemaDNG. For R3D added new color management (REDcolor2, REDgamma2,
REDlogFilm, etc.), improved curves, and an updated user interface.
- Improved and expanded working with look-up table (LUT). Additional
support for the encoding table in color. Use a wide range of tables,
the encoding of color in After Effects, for example, formats and 3DL
CUBE, as well as color coding table 1D.
Output video XDCAM EX and XDCAM HD as MXF OP1a.
- Backwards compatibility with the draft After Effects CS5, ie CS5.5
project can be saved as CS5.
Now, not only as before, you can drag the project After Effects
CS5.5 in the queue processing Media Encoder CS5.5, but an opportunity
to win the track straight from the palette Project.
It's worth noting that a few days before the release of Adobe After
Effects CS5.5, the program has had time to update with: multilingual
update Adobe After Effects CS5 10.0.2 Update