Download key generator for Topaz Lens Effects 1.1.0

TOPAZ LENS EFFECTS is designed to give you the power to direct and
focus your viewer's eyes where you want them. With Lens Effects, you
get advanced technology that realistically simulates the most diverse
range of filters, lens and specialty camera effects - all in a single,
easy-to-use plug-in that eliminates the need for additional, expensive
equipment. With the integration of the new Smart Brush tool, for
simple way to create depth maps, Lens Effects makes it easier than
ever to adjust depth-of-field, emphasize your focal point, create
beautiful bokeh effects, balance color tone, simulate SLR lenses and
have complete creative control of your image after the shot.
In addition to photography essentials, Lens Effects also features
tools for creating image motion, creative distortions, miniature
scenes, toy camera effects and a wide range of other popular effects.
- 20 and over 130 effects presets
- Create effects bokeh, blur and simulating various characteristics
of the lens special cameras
- Easy adjustment of the election with a tool Smart brush
- Separate controls for setting the foreground and background
- Split-screen preview for the convenience of comparison
- 20 effects and over 130 presets for a faster, more creative
- Quickly generate bokeh, blur, vignettes and lens characteristics
- Easy selective adjustments with Smart brush & gradient tool
- Ability to stack presets / effects using the new "Apply" button
- Separate controls for adjusting background and foreground
- Enhanced sharpening algorithm
- 1-click center focus and effect center selection
- Split-screen preview options for easy comparison
- Smart filter compatible