Download key generator for Thinkbox Deadline 5

DEADLINE 5 is the latest version of Thinkbox Software's render farm
management system for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. It offers a variety
of work flow improvements, helping you streamline your production
pipeline. Updated Monitor options allow artists to save their layout
presets and the new slave availability filter helps them troubleshoot
their jobs faster. Farm administration is made easier with increased
security for authenticating Deadline users and streamlined
configuration options improve system roll out times. Supports over 40
different rendering packages.
� Auto Configuration: Simplify farm administration by configuring
slave settings like the repository path and license server in a single
location. If the repository path or license server changes, just
update the auto configuration settings instead of applying the changes
to each machine individually.
� New User System: Administration features are optionally password
protected and all modifications to jobs, tasks and slaves are logged
and easily traceable. Deadline�s Access Control System prevents
users from inadvertently disrupting other rendering tasks.
Additionally, administrators can prevent user impersonation by
configuring Deadline to use the system user as the Deadline user for
even greater security.
� Slave Availability Filter: Allow users to quickly diagnose a
failed job. Click on the job to filter the slave list and display
those slaves available to render the selected job. This feature
factors in Pools, Groups, White/Blacklisted slaves, and any Limit
Groups the job uses.
� Flexible licensing model: Bump up the size of your farm to
handle larger loads during crunch time. Our Surge Rental Program makes
it easy for users to quickly increase the capacity of their render
farm on a weekly basis at affordable rates.
� Event plug-ins: Create plug-ins to have Deadline update in-house
pipeline tools such as databases when jobs start and finish rendering.
Write custom scripts to submit jobs to the farm or to perform custom
pre/post rendering tasks as the job is rendered. All scripts can make
use of Deadline�s Iron Python script-based SDK, resulting in endless
� Statistic Improvements: Increased accuracy for slave and
repository statistics when specifying any given time frame. These
statistics can now be displayed in a new detailed graphing system that
offers improved controls for viewing and saving graph images to disk.
� Remote Mode: This feature allows companies with multiple
facilities to improve performance and latency when controlling and
managing massive global render farms remotely.
� Deadline Mobile: Updated for iPhone and Now Android: makes it
easy to keep tabs on your render farm by letting you monitor your
Deadline jobs from anywhere. With the simple touch of a screen, you
can view your render jobs in real time and check on their status
within seconds.