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� Supports high-bit images for enlarging RAW and HDR (high dynamic
range) images.
� Offers sharpening and grain simulation to improve details.
� New dedicated batch processing is easier than using Photoshop
actions to enlarge multiple images.
� Very easy to use.
� Will work in Windows 64-bit Photoshop CS4/ CS5.
� Blow Up can enlarge photos to extreme print sizes with better
results than Photoshop's bicubic interpolation.
� Detects edges and resizes using a method similar to vector
scaling to avoid undesirable stair-step or halo artifacts.
� Supports all image modes--RGB, Grayscale, Lab, Duotone, and
CMYK. Supports standard 8-bit, 16-bit RAW, and 32-bit HDR images.
� Works with Photoshop CS3 or Photoshop Elements 7 (Win) or later.
� Layered files can be resized without flattening. "Resize as a
new image" option allows non-destructive enlargements.
� Includes a specialized sharpening method for enlargements,
designed to improve contrast along sharp edges.
� Can apply simulated film grain to improve the appearance of
extreme enlargements.
� New: Blow Up can resize up to the limit of Photoshop's maximum
image dimensions--300,000 pixels per side.
� New: Improved speed and image quality, more sharpening control,
a JPEG cleaner option, crop and rotate tools, presets.
� Multi-threaded for better performance on multi-core and
multi-processor systems. Native 64-bit in Windows Photoshop CS5.
What�s New
� The Blow Up user interface has been redesigned significantly.
Now the Settings Tab is the starting point for easy image resizing.
Just find the size, resolution, and output format in the list and Blow
Up handles all of the rest. Blow Up automatically adjusts the setting
to fit the orientation of your image (portrait or landscape), Smart
Cropping automatically finds a sensible crop, and the right level of
sharpening is applied to match your output medium. If you want to
tweak the results, go to the Controls Tab where you can adjust the
sharpening level, add photographic grain, remove compression artifacts
or soften the texture regions.
� We added two cropping tools to Blow Up. The Crop to Size Tool is
an easy way to crop and resize to a specific output size at the same
� Blow Up can now resize up to the limits of Photoshop�s image
dimensions, which is 300,000 pixels. Of course, a square image that
big would choke Photoshop, but if you need to make a billboard or a
bus wrap and Photoshop can handle the image, now Blow Up can too.
� The preview can now be zoomed out.
� There is now a batch processing version of Blow Up. This is
easier than using Photoshop actions to process many photos at once.
� Photoshop CS3 or higher
� Photoshop Elements 7 and above (Windows)
� Windows XP and above