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_Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person_
Los Angeles is in a shambles. Desperate attempts to change the past
in order to prevent a terrible future, have failed. Army of heartless
and merciless machines, under the Artificial Intelligence "Skynet�
(Skynet), began full-scale annihilation of mankind. However, all is
not lost. Do people have a chance to prove that they are stronger than
metal monsters and stand in an unequal struggle with the robots.
Game Terminator Salvation is based on the films "Terminator:
Salvation" from Warner Bros. Pictures and Sony Pictures. In the role
of John Conor, valiant resistance fighters, you have to challenge the
army of machines. In its ranks, you see how the model shown in the
film, and new kinds of merciless "terminator", created specifically
for the game. Spectacular battles, unexpected plot twists, the
characters familiar - Terminator Salvation will not leave indifferent
cult film fans and lovers of top-notch fighters.
� A new stage of the epic fantasy. The game takes place two years
before the events of the same movie. Only the person testing
themselves in the role of John Conor and taking part in battles
against the machines, you can compile the most complete picture of
� ruthless enemy. Machines do not know compassion, does not know
tiredness, does not feel pain. Metal monsters from the movie, and
unique robots designed specifically for the game, try to deal with you
at any cost. They go on the offensive, despite the damage - until
then, until they are completely destroyed.
� In search of shelter. In an open battle with the machine people
would not last two seconds. During the shooting is necessary to seek
shelter and change, choosing the best firing position.
� Future Weapons. In the war with the robots can not do without
good weapons. At your disposal are shotguns, machine guns, grenades,
pistols and even plasma Tank "Skynet".
� Military equipment. You can travel the world devastated
postapokalipticheskomu not only walking but also for military
vehicles. Powerful armored vehicles increases the chances of victory
in a clash with the robots.
Features repack:
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- Installation of additional software
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