Download key generator for MBR Regenerator 2.0

MBR Regenerator is a tool to solve several problems with activation . Multiple loaders, and patches on the system, prevent programs like loader work, leaving messages, not the original Windows constantly appearing. And this program does not replace the function of a loader, or similar, it is not an activator, only clean the system for the installation of a new activation method ...

- Key Features

-> The Master Boot Record (MBR), is restored to its original state, preventing any loader inject slic and cause conflicts with other programs, preventing the proper activation

-> The system is reset, a new trial key compatible is installed, then return untouched on the system32

-> Loaders who inject SLIC will be permanently deleted, allowing a clean install of another loader (note with Slic Toolkit)

-> Archives WAT/KB971033 essential activation files, are restored completely to the original state, if you can not uninstall other methods of activations already installed

- Engineer Map

- Essential archives for the repair of the activation are restored per sFix by anemeros, such as sfc.exe / hosts file / slmgr.vbs;

- MBR boot code is cleaned to the best activation;

- The key now is uninstalled;

- Installation of a trial key compatible with your version;

- The system is reset again to 30 days;

- Run the sfc scanner, where he will restore all the files in the system32 folder undoing the changes implemented by another program;

- The system is rebooted clean, untouched and trial.

(all in one reboot)

- Requirements

-> Administrator account in windows

-> Any version of Windows 7 E / N, build 7600 or later, X86 / X64

-> This is program is total compatible with SP1

- Warnings

-> Programs like RemoveWAT, CHEW7, HAL7600, Which Were installed, most did not work, do not uninstall them, the program takes care of restoring the files from windows;

-> It takes one reboot;

-> No file or program is erased.

- Integrity checking

-> Virustotal Report (Updated 2011/03/21)

MD5 : 8adf23743ccf7168dfa104f8c4734a35

SHA1 : 8788305366402cb91ea2abff737077d3976e4f90

SHA256: 13cab0f89737ac6dab5836efa4a4ddd7601bd20f12e6195eca 99422c49c6e4eb

- Release log version


- Added Sfix by anemeros

- SFC Scanner freeze bug solved

- Sfix now is used to restore sfc and slmgr files from the winsxs folder saving space

- Explorer.exe is closed on procedure is working

- Detection of the operating system running and architeture was very well optimized and is much safer

- After finishing the procedure, there is a msgbox asking press ok to restart

- Size is very optimized

- SFC Scanner is now visible

- Fixed some bugs that I could detect, tested many times, and really is very stable

- Credits

-> Thx for My Digital Life Forum, the best and great!!!

-> Special thanks for anemeros, Sfix is embedded on this program

-> Version 2.0, Copyright 2011 Josh Cell & Daz, All rights reserved.

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