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Wallpaper Manager is a simple yet powerful program that allows you add pictures in sets that will be used as desktop wall papers.

Wallpapers can be added via the usual file dialog or by using drag n drop. As you add images the program automatically checks to see if there are any duplications.

On activation of the built in timer the wallpapers will automatically be changed and rendered as tiled, centered or stretched as per settings that you can adjust. The timer only counts computer on time as to real-time thus displaying each image for the same period.

The next desktop image is decided by the order of the images in the display. The display can be sorted by date, name, size or randomly by acceding or descending order.

A Wallpaper set can be made default thus opening to that set each time.

Wallpapers can be displayed as thumbnails and full screen. By right clicking on any image you are given the image properties, i.e. file size, DPI, modified date etc.

Other feature include the facility to search for missing images and adjust automatic positioning settings.