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Unigraphics NX-The main objective of the system eventually is to reduce the cost of product development, improving quality and reducing time to market. This enables companies in the short term return on investment spent on the purchase and implementation of Unigraphics. In Russia, Unigraphics holds a strong position thanks to the vast possibilities of using the system in different industries (aerospace, engine, automotive, engineering, etc.) and use of modern technology, providing the user with the best solution in MCAD at all stages of the product. The success of Unigraphics in the Russian market confirmed a large user base, the success achieved by them in using the system.


1) It only updates! To install them, you must have already ustanovlnny NX 7.5 (7.5.0, 7.5.1 or 7.5.2)

2) Installations updates posted in a format ISZ (compressed image of the ISO). To mount ISZ image into a virtual drive to install UltraISO or similar image editor