Download key generator for Audiofile Engineering Fidelia 1.0.6

Audiofile Engineering Fidelia is an elegant and powerful music player created exclusively for Mac OS X. Designed in Cocoa from the ground up, Fidelia proudly takes advantage of CoreAudio, Quartz, and other solid OS X features. Fidelia lets discerning OS X users truly optimize their home listening experience, preserving maximum sonic fidelity across multiple file formats and delivering uncluttered utility with a timelessly elegant user interface. Powered by Audiofile Engineering's unique Fidelia Audio System, it gives you the tools and the freedom to savor the sounds that you love, all the way from your hard drive to your eardrums.

Version 1.0.6: - rescan automatically when iTunes library is selected in Preferences

- resolved issue playing back files with unsupported sample rates

- resolved issue with certain metadata tags not appearing

- resolved issue where song advances prematurely

- resolved error when song from playlist is not found on launch

- various other bug fixes

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