Download key generator for Chevrolet Europe EPC 4.15

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Ext. Information: Installed without a tambourine under XP under other OSes look "Installation handles. To work together under one cover with OPEL version should be the same 4.15

Installation: Feedback from users is the perfect way to install (my thanks and Sterver Vadim59, as well as listed below for users to publish this method in the distribution): "My two cents worth and thanks Growerrrr-in for the procedure and Snuppy for clarifications as to run.

Here's a bit more chewed solution

Installation instructions EPC4 06/2010

1. We take the image, mount in any way, take out with him all the files (~ 5.1 Gb).

1a. autorun.inf and setup.exe throwing in the basket

2. Set GMGInfrastructure \ GMGInfrastructure.msi (Standartalone)

3. Set GMEApplication \ GMEApplication.msi

4. Set GMGLocalDB \ GMGLocalDB.msi

5. Set GMERomDB \ GMERomDB.msi

6. Open the Start menu and execute cmd.exe

cd "C: \ Program Files \ Snap-on Business Solutions \ Global EPC \ GM \ Configurator"

java-jar Configurator.jar

Before their execution must go to the root of drive C: by typing "cd \" without quotes of course, but with a space between cd and \

string takes the form C: \>

And then run very carefully looking at what type or just copy from here. Hot keys in DOS Osowska window does not work, only the mouse.

You can use the attached file CMD. You must first correct the path to the folders according to your settings.

7. Restarting the computer