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More Than 11 Plugins Set for Adobe After Effexts CS3.

2D3SteadyMovePro v1.3

SteadyMovePRO - a plugin that allows you to stabilize the digital image captured by the camera uncommitted, and eliminates the effect of shaking the camera.


ABSoft Neat Video is designed for noise reduction of video.


AlienSkin EyeCandy v3.2

Eye Candy for After Effects is a set of 20 time-saving special effects that will enhance any film, video, animation or multimedia project.

Sophisticated texture, production and distortion effects have never been easier. Eye Candy for after Effects creates fire, smoke, carves, bevels, and more. Create dazzling effects in a fraction of the time they used to require.

Eye Candy for After Effects automatically adapts to irregular floating objects, modifies layer opacity information, and allows users to draw outside layer boundaries without precomposing. Users can also apply effects based on transparency information from other layers.


Forge FreeForm

Forge FreeForm - an effect that can be attributed to the fast-growing class of plug-in Adobe After Effects effects, allowing to manipulate three-dimensional space while being in a familiar environment, Adobe After Effetcs. The effect will help you create a scientifically speaking, "an animated three-dimensional textured plane or in the jargon of" ... all sorts of "delicious" cloth, so trendy right now ...".


Genarts Sapphire V2.041

Genarts Sapphire - more than 175 plug-ins for image processing and synthesis. All plug-ins have multiple options and parameters that can be modified and animated to create an unlimited range of effects.


DigiEffects Aurorix v2.1

AgedFilm. Creates the effect of "old movie" with a 100% realistic, ie, apply the standard attributes of old films such as: zernistot, dust, fibers, jitter, distortion of brightness, Coloring and scratches.

VideoLook. Simulates the television interference.

3D Lighting. Creates three-dimensional lighting effect, using an image as a relief map. With this effect you can get a realistic three-dimensional surface without the aid of specialized programs of three-dimensional modeling.

Color SpotLights. Creates three independent light sources of red, blue and green. You can control the size and brightness of each source.

LightZoom. The effect is used to scale the image blur and defocus.

SpotLights. Creates three independent light sources of white. You can control the size and brightness of each source.

Bulgix. Creates the effect of convexity, which differs somewhat from the standard effect "Spherize". "Bulgix" enables independent control of vertical and horizontal dimensions.

Earthquake. Creates the effect of "shaking" of the camera.

Flitter. Creates a distorting effect of random noise.

Infinity Warp. One type of deformation of the image with which you can create an effect similar to the stars


into a black hole. Also, with this effect, you can create a psychedelic passages and destroy the image of a spectacular manner.

Turbulent Flow. The effect is used to create beautiful textures with smooth animation.

Warpoid. The effect creates a moving mirror images.

Whirlix. With this effect you can create a "spinning", the deformed image.

Chaotic Noise. The effect is to create a chaotic noise texture. Ideal for creating colorful moving background.

Chaotic Rainbow. Creates a chaotic structure of the rainbow, with a high degree of structuring.

Electrofield. Simulates the electromagnetic radiation.

FractalNoise. Creates a smoky recursive noise on the three color channels (RGB). Noise generation is based on Brownian motion.

Interferix. Creates a model of interference. The model creates a series of 3 concentric circles repeating.

Interpheroid. Creates a model of interference. The model creates a series of 3 concentric circles randomly distributed warped.

Interpheron. Powerful tool for creating interference with which can simulate the birth and destruction of many universes, or something like that.

NoiseBlender. Effect is applied in cases where you need to create colored fuzzy noises in the image.

SoapFilm. Mylnoplenochnoy used to create texture.

Strange Nebulae. This is one of the most sophisticated filters, but yet very interesting to use. Filter creates a misty image type aura. Filter uses a nonlinear function.

WoodMaker. Creates realistic color texture similar to wood rings.

Infinity Zone. Effect creates an infinite number of images in mazaichnom order.

Tilos. Creates a duplicate in order mazaichnom images with a smooth transition.

DigiEffects Berserk.v1.12

Blizzard. Creates a simulated snowfall using a particle system.

BumpMaker. Used to create granular, convex surface, which can be used as backgrounds, textures and displacement maps.

Contourist. This effect makes the selection of the contour lines of the original image to the brightness and comes over the image colors selected by the user. You can select up to 5 contour lines.

Crystallizer. Creates a crystal model using the original image as a source of crystallization.

CycloWarp. Creates the effect of cyclic oscillatory strain images.

Edgex. Creates posterization image by threshold segmentation, each color channel (RGB).

FogBank. Mimics the effect of fog or smoke.

GravityWell. Creates a swirling image, using a system of particles.

Laser. Creates a light beam like a laser beam.

Newsprint. Creates a grayscale image, where all aspects of the process of dithering may be animation, including gray-scale forms, shift (offset), the size of halftone dots, dark and light colors.

NightBloom. Simulates the effect of "depth of field." Basically, this effect is used for night shooting, but it can be used for daytime.

OilPaint. Creates a simulated pictures, oil paintings.

Pearls. The effect is used to create beautiful textures with smooth animation. To create this effect using the particle system.

Perspectron. The effect of deformation at which the image is converted to a "rubber" sheet, after which stretches from the given control points.

Ripploid. Creates a ripple effect of distortion.

Spintron. The effect is used to create a winding deformation.

Squisher. One of the effects of wave-like type.

StarField. Simulates a flight through the stars.

StillNoise. It is used to create the effect, in which the noise in motion pictures do not change over time.

VanGoughist. Mimics the picturesque image. When using this effect, you can choose different types of brushes.

DigiEffects CineLook v2.1

CineLook set of plugins to add or video effect like in the movies, the ability to emulate shooting on film of any width: 8, 16 and 35 mm. Support After Effects.Podderzhka Win.

DigiEffects Damage v1.0

Damage - a package designed for professional video editing, and bears four visual effects, the combined themes of causing all sorts of video damage.

Blockade: gives the material similarities with a video intended for playback on a tiny screen of a mobile phone / PDA: Record looks obscenely compressed while preserving the integrity of vital parameters (resolution, etc.).

Artifact: designed to add visual defects (lost frames, falling blocks and other amenities that can be seen, for example, a picture of satellite TV in bad weather).

Interference: creates the effect of de-interlacing for example a television signal. Also lets you add / remove noise, adjust color balance, etc.

Skew: reminds us of Grandpa "Record" with the indoor antenna. Adds a video effect of ghosts, ranges, noise, shaking pictures and other black and white pleasures.

DigiEffects Delirium v1.12

DE Bubbles. With this plugin you can easily create