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CAPE (Computer-Aided Protection Engineering) software is built for engineers responsible for protection of high voltage transmission systems and distribution systems within electric power utilities.


* Detailed modeling capabilities based on a single open source database.

* Support for analysis and simulation to solve data management issues, uncover potential network and protective device problems, and evaluate alternatives.

* Support for networks of any size.

* Support for setting complex modern digital relays.

* Support for relay coordination functions and wide-area studies.

We believe CAPE is simply the best of its kind anywhere in the world today, whether you define "best" based on productivity improvement, ease of use, flexibility, comprehensiveness, technical detail, or price.

CAPE modules

Database Editor is the foundation for all CAPE functions. Offers easy transformer model building; relay, recloser, and fuse model import; data merging, and quick entry of protection data.

Short Circuit calculates any type of fault on any size system. Supports standard and customized reporting, automated fault studies, fault location analysis, and user-defined fault conditions.

One-Line Diagram for building and maintaining a system one-line diagram and display of data, short circuit results, and protection simulation responses. Direct access for opening breakers and applying faults.

Coordination Graphics displays overcurrent and distance protective device characteristics. Supports interactive contingency and fault application, graphical relay resetting, and direct resetting of relay and distribution recloser taps and test points.

Relay Setting represents a company's relay setting procedures as user-written macros that perform fault studies, compute raw relay settings, and select actual taps. Library of "starter macros" includes setting digital distance relays in permissive overreach transfer trip schemes, plus many more.