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VMware Workstation v 7.1.3 324285 + Rus

VMware Workstation is considered one of the most powerful platforms on the market of virtualization. The program allows you to emulate a standalone computer in a working environment of the operating system and work with him as with a conventional system. Using this method you can install different operating systems and applications for them to go online and engage in daily tasks.

VMware Workstation emulates a real machine. As in the case of a real machine you can install on a virtual machine operating system no matter Windows or nix. Thus you can test different operating systems without leaving their own.

The application allows one computer to receive multiple and these virtual computers if necessary can be completely isolated from each other and can conversely combine into a virtual LAN.

In the virtual machine is the BIOS hard drive (the allotted space on your hard drive) CDROM (your CDROM or mounted ISOimage) network adapters for connecting to your real machine network resources or other virtual machines etc. etc. You can easily share files between the host operating system (host) and guest operating system (guest). This is done by simply dragging and dropping files from the file manager in the client window or a guest in the opposite direction. Ease of virtual machines for testing automatic installation simply invaluable. Simply connect the bootable ISOimage instead of the CDROM in the virtual machine settings and the installation of the system will go the same way as on a real machine.

Among the new features VMware Workstation 7: Ability to select as a guest OS virtual machine VMware vSphere 4.

Support for Windows 7 as a guest and host OS

WDDM drivers for the guest operating system Windows 7

OpenGL and Shader Model 3.0 for guest Windows XP and Vista

Dynamic loading VMware Tools;

Multicore and four virtual machines (4 vCPU)

Ability to print from a virtual machine without installing the drivers at the expense of ThinPrint

Create snapshots at set intervals (AutoProtect)

Protecting virtual machines 128bit encryption

Support for the ALSA library for guest operating system Linux which will play music from multiple virtual machines simultaneously

Improved Linux Virtual Network Editor

The seventh version adds many new features: Added support for Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Vista Service Pack 2

Added support for operating systems Devian 5 Ubuntu 9.04 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 CentOS 5.3 OpenSUSE 11.x Mandriva 2009 and other

Added compatibility with Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

Supports hardware acceleration OpenGL 2.1 and Shader Model 3.0

Added support for vSphere 4.0 and ESX

Has a function of virtual printing without the need to add a printer to a virtual system

Expanded hardware support in particular multicore systems and large amounts of RAM (up to 32 GB for a guest)

Functions are implemented for data encryption guest machines

Added support for ALSA sound system

Improved system of virtual disks

Updated folder management mechanism for sharing between systems

Added the virtual network editor

Made many other improvements and changes

List of changes in version 7.1.3: Fixed a bug compiling vmmon modules with the nuclei and vsock 02/06/1934 and above;

Fixed a bug compiling modules vmxnet and vsock with nuclei 06/02/1932 and above;

Fixed problem with the inability of the regime of Unity on hosts running Ubuntu 10.10 64bit;

The bug could lead to the impossibility of creating a guest OS of the following types: Novell NetWare Sun Solaris and Other (other).

Problem with deploying Pocket ACE configurations in some cases

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32bit 64bit)